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Os recortes criativos de Rich McCor

O fotógrafo britânico viaja o mundo criando colagens fotográficas que combinam recortes de papel com elementos arquitetônicos

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Rich McCor também é conhecido como Paperboyo. Ele roda o mundo sempre usando recortes simples de papel encaixados em imagens de pontos turísticos e construções de grande porte. A série com as obras engenhosas fez tanto sucesso que virou o livro “Around the World in Cut-Outs.” Aproveite e acompanhe as criações e colagens fotográficas de McCor no Instagram.


Recentemente, ele publicou um livro baseado em suas viagens de recorte, intitulado Around the World in Cut-Outs. Você pode ver mais de suas colagens fotográficas no Instagram.

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So the Paperboyo book is on sale tomorrow! Why buy it? Well it’s full of exclusive photos (including scenes from Scotland, Brazil, South Korea, Portugal & Others). It’s got my favourite stories & facts from all of the places I’ve been as well as some insights into my creative process. There’s also a bunch of behind the scenes images and we’ve dedicated a few pages at the back to the failed photos- the ones that didn’t go to plan! There’s even an interactive element in the book for you to go & take some of your own photos in my style. The main reason though is that it’s a book that will inspire you to you see the world a little differently, to look around a little longer, to ponder, to wonder & most of all to get out there and go explore ???? Pre-Order right now by clicking the link in my bio.

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In 2005 the mayor of Mississauga, a City West of Toronto, announced an international design competition for a tower to be known as Absolute World. Two years later, after a public vote, the winner was selected- Yasong Ma, of MAD Architectural Design Studio in Beijing. Pretty quickly the spiralling, curvaceous tower was nicknamed Marilyn Monroe. When apartments in Marilyn Monroe went on sale, they all sold within 24 hours. So naturally the developers quickly announced that a second Marilyn Monroe was going to be built, also spiralling and asymmetric but apparently this was going to be Marilyn after a binge because the second tower was designed to be rounder and plumper so as to accommodate more apartments #ExploreCanada #MyCanadianAffair @ExploreCanada @airtransat #Toronto

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“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned” J.M.Barrie #WHPadventure

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