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Fotos “inusitadas” de bancos de imagens

It's Like I'm Really There!

Bancos de imagens são muito úteis para empresas e negócios em geral. Seja na versão paga ou grátis, eles nos ajudam em divulgações e afins. O que não quer dizer que muitas das imagens disponíveis sejam “normais” como essas postagens na comunidade Reddit mostram…

Ok, Love You Too

This Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

I Don't Even Know What To Say

How To Properly Censor A Dingdingdong

So... I Came Across This Picture

Burger Baby

Man With A Meat Loaf Mask Blended Into His Skin Or Whatever This Is

Congratulations On Your New Husband!

Bubble Wrap Fun

Yes Grandma I Want Some Ice-Cream

I Have No Idea What This Is Supposed To Represent

Please Nurse, Do Your Job

She Doesn’t Have A Spine

Dads When Gas Prices Go Up 1 Cent

After Many Weeks Lurking, I Have Finally Found A Wtfstockphoto


Oh Damn You Caught Me Keeping A Bowl Of Crackers In The Fridge

Surfing The Web

Trying To Tell Your Wife Her Cooking Is Crap

I Think I’ll Go Snow Skiing In A Bikini; Ya Know, Since I’m Pregnant And All

Alligator Attacking Businesswoman In Office Cubicle

Kermit Sacrifices A Potato?

Woman Is Robbing Bakery With A Baguette

Forbidden Affair